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World Atlantic International & Logistics offers complete End-to-end logistics services for all shipping and project management needs. Our assets and capabilities are more than sufficient to cater to any need, and your needs are no exception.


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Shipments arrive and need to be cleared from the ports in the shortest possible time and used for their intended purposes. World Atlantic International & Logistics handles all port clearance documentation as well as transportation from the ports to our clients in a timely manner.


We have the capacity to move any shipment, product or equipment from any location within the country to another location anywhere in the country as efficiently and as quickly as possible.


At World Atlantic International & Logistics, we have the capacity to store products that are cleared o your behalf. We store your shipments until you are ready to have them delivered.


With an ever-expanding international market, World Atlantic International & Logistics can move shipments from any location across the world to you, wherever you may be.


Large scale projects require more complex logistics to meet deadlines. We are confident that our expertise is sufficient. We have the team, assets and technical knowledge to handle any size project logistics anywhere in the country. From moving machinery and equipment to ensuring that imported components of the project arrive on time. World Atlantic International & Logistics is the team to ensure that your project is executed in a timely manner.


We synchronize the supply of equipment from a wide range of resources to potentially remote areas whilst paying constant attention to safely, regulatory compliance and the environment. World Atlantic International & Logistics has a proven ability to adapt to the dynamics of each assignment, providing tailored services and around-the-clock support to ensure all shipments are delivered to their destination safely and on time.


For expatriates living in the country, the possibility of moving away is always present. Moving from one country to another should be as easy moving from one room to another. We make this possible. We assist you to move to your any location, anywhere in the world.


At World Atlantic International & Logistics, we are capable to charter a flight for our clients. When passengers travel on an airplane, they usually take a scheduled flight. Scheduled flights operate according to pre-published schedules for departures and arrivals from one destination to another. However, another option for travel is a charter flight, which is different from a scheduled flight.